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Your investment goes further when combined with the investments of other like-minded leaders seeking to make a difference.

We strategically invest donations in organizations serving our community, making an positive impact, and in good standing. Our primary focus areas are:

Accessible and Quality Education

Health and Wellbeing

Civic Engagement and Vitality

Your donation can make a significant positive impact in our Valley. We listen and we understand our community and where your investment can make a meaningful difference.

Why partner with us?

A History of Proven Results

We have a proven track record of competitive returns on investment. We exist and invest only to benefit the community in which we live.

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Simple & Powerful Giving

We offer the simplicity of a community foundation with the flexibility, involvement, and recognition typically found in a private foundation.

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Tax Advantages

Whether you’re an individual donor, nonprofit organization or professional advisor, giving through us offers numerous advantages.

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Flexible, Innovative & Personalized

We’ll work with you to develop a fund that suits your needs, and can help your family create a legacy of impact for good.

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Invest in a cause you care about…

We work with philanthropists of all levels to create funds and strategically invest in our community for the biggest impact and return on investment. Your philanthropic contributions can have a significant impact when you set up a fund through Yakima Valley Community Foundation. Leave a lasting legacy, promote the results you want and respond to community needs.

Compare the funds below or contact us to help you find the right fund for you.

Types of Funds

You have the option to create several fund types that suit your needs and goals.

Do you want to be involved in overseeing your fund? Our Donor-Advised Fund allows you to choose the causes you care about. We offer donor-focused seminars and information to help you decide which fund will best further your philanthropic goals.

If you have an existing donor-advised fund with a for-profit organization or bank, you can bring it home to the Yakima Valley Community Foundation. We offer competitive returns and fees, and anonymity, if desired, for your grant making. You also get peace of mind from knowing you’re investing in the most effective and innovative organizations working on the causes you care about.

What It Is

A fund offering the ability for donors to make suggestions on which charitable causes are supported from the fund each year. We do the granting and administrative work for you!


Donors are permitted to make grant recommendations. This right may also be extended to children of the donor.

Low Minimum Amount to Establish


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Looking for a hands-off approach to managing your fund? YVCF has created special funds designed to address the community’s priority areas. If you select this type of fund, we will choose the organizations and causes in the Valley that will have the greatest impact.

What It Is

A permanent fund that does not designate a particular organization or area of interest for grantmaking.


The donor relies on the Yakima Valley Community Foundation’s board of directors to distribute money from the fund to areas where the needs are greatest.

Minimum Amount to Establish


These funds are for donors who are interested in broad areas, such as poverty, education or the arts. Donors might also want to benefit a specific geographic location or neighborhood. By naming a broad area rather than a specific organization, we have the flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of our community, while still making a difference toward a cause or location you care about.

What It Is

A permanent fund that names a specific area of interest, such as education or the arts, as the recipient of grants from the fund.


The donor relies on the Yakima Valley Community Foundation to distribute money from the fund to institutions within that area of interest.

Minimum Amount to Establish


Support college-bound or trade school students with scholarship funds. If you choose this type of fund, we’ll help you craft and oversee administration of your scholarship and the ongoing role you would like to play.

What It Is

A fund to provide support to persons continuing their education.


The Yakima Valley Community Foundation works with a Scholarship Committee established by the Donor to distribute funds.

Minimum Amount to Establish


When you care deeply about your mission and organization but don’t have the time or expertise to manage fiduciary and legal standards for your investments, YVCF is here to help. We can become co-fiduciaries for your organization, handling the burden of demonstrating the required level of prudence in the increasingly complex world of investment management. On top of that, our investment strategies create competitive returns at a reasonable cost. That’s what we call a win-win.

What It Is

A fund providing stable, predictable sources of income and future financial security for qualifying organizations.


The organization specifies representatives who are permitted to request distributions from the fund in accordance with the provisions of the fund agreement.

Minimum Amount to Establish

$1000 for Capacity Funds and $10,000 for Endowment Funds

If you have considerable funds and you’re looking to start your own charitable organization, we can help you create a private foundation that you direct.

What It Is

An alternative to a private foundation that has its own board of trustees and grantmaking identities, but enjoys public charity status.


The board of directors of the supporting organization makes its own grantmaking decisions.

Minimum Amount to Establish