Youth Leadership Council

A youth-led group of high school students in the Yakima Valley creating a positive impact through philanthropy and leadership. The program includes a selection of diverse students who receive training about diversity, equity, our community, grantmaking, philanthropy, and non-profits. The annual cohort is given $50,000-$100,000 to grant in the Yakima Valley where they believe they'd like to make a difference. The generosity and forethought of Helen Jewett are helping us create young philanthropists and engaged young residents.

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Want to make an impact in your community? Join the Youth Leadership Council and make a difference today!

Member Benefits

  • Stipend Based
  • Volunteer & Community Engagement Hours
  • Develop leadership and communication skills.
  • Make an impact in your community


  • Currently enrolled in a Yakima County High School.
  • Attend meetings regularly.
  • Desire to give back to your community.

Elizabeth Solorzano

Council Member

Ylc headshot elizabeth

Elizabeth is in the 12th grade and is currently attending Eisenhower High School. During her time with the Youth Leadership Council, she learned about all the non-profit organizations that are helping our community along with the wonderful mentors and the skills acquired which include: teamwork, self-awareness, communication skills, and how to score grants. On her free time, Elizabeth enjoys going to the coffeeshop with the girls, design, upcycle, and sew new clothes, reading romance & philosophy books, and cheering for her high school.

Whitman Peters

Council Member

Ylc headshot whit

Whitman is currently in the 11th grade at Selah High School. Whitman has been extremely impressed with his experience with the Youth Leadership Council because of all the compassion the organizations have in the Yakima Valley saying, "their dedication is inspiring." On Whitman's free time, he likes to go mountain biking, skiing, and hiking.

Noah Lara

Council Member

Ylc headshot noah

Noah is in the 12th grade and is currently attending Granger High School. During his time with the Youth Leadership Council, Noah has gained experience problem solving and debating on grant related topics. On Noah's down time, he likes making music and YouTube videos.

Oscar Jimenez

Council Member

Ylc headshot oscar

Oscar is currently in the 12th grade and is attending Selah High School. Oscar has learned about the large amounts of non-profits that are doing great things here in the Yakima Valley. Oscar's free time is spent getting involved at his school any way he can from helping the clubs he has joined to joining sports like tennis.

Aly Perez

Council Member

Ylc headshot aly

Aly is a current 12th-grade student enrolled at Davis High School. Through her involvement with the Youth Leadership Council, Aly has developed a passion for grant making. In her leisure time, Aly enjoys study dates at coffee shops and late-night drives with the girls.

Evan Fresco

Council Member

Ylc headshot evan fresco

Evan is in the 12th grade and is attending school at Selah High School. During his duration with the Youth Leadership Council, Evan learned more about teamwork and the inner workings of non-profits. Evan's favorite activity has been giving the good news to the applicants the Youth Leadership Council have donated to.

Indiana Hilmes

Council Member

YLC Indiana

Indiana is currently in the 11th grade and is attending Selah High School. Indiana is looking forward to making a positive impact in our community while highlighting a youth perspective. Some of her favorite activities include writing, reading, listening to music, tennis, cross-country, band, and dancing.

Yesenia Luna

Council Member

YLC Yesenias headshot

Yesenia is currently attending Eisenhower High School and is in the 12th grade. Yesenia enjoys late night drives and listening to music.

Desiree Hohner

Council Member

Ylc headshot desiree

Desiree is currently attending Davis High School.

Gaby Rios

Council Member

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Gaby is currently attending Davis High School.

Amber Ortiz-Diaz

Program Officer

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Lindsay Boswell

Director of Grants and Programs

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