COVID & Health Equity

The Yakima Valley Community Foundation (YVCF) in partnership with Opportunities Industrialization Center Washington (OIC) are proud to announce we have been awarded a Community Driven Outreach grant worth $4.27 million from the Department of Health to lead education outreach and vaccine promotion among the Hispanic-Latino communities in Yakima, Adams, Grant, and Kittitas counties using lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Together in community

A group of community-based organizations across Yakima, Adams, Grant, and Kittitas counties is proud to announce the launch of "Together in Community," a collaborative initiative dedicated to improving health equity for the local Hispanic-Latino communities. “Together in Community” will be working with several intersections of the Hispanic-Latino population, including the unhoused, LGBTQ+, immigrants, Spanish speaking households, and those living in rural communities.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by the Hispanic-Latino population, especially in rural areas, "Together in Community" aims to bridge health equity gaps by ensuring equal and equitable access to health resources, services, and information for Hispanic-Latino families. The coalition works in close partnership with the Washington State Department of Health to address barriers such as language differences and culturally specific ways of seeking and consuming health information.

Amber Ortiz-Diaz, the project lead for Together in Community, says, "Our goal is to ensure every Hispanic-Latino individual in our communities are equipped with the resources they need to achieve the best possible health outcomes. We believe healthcare should be accessible, equitable, culturally sensitive, and we are committed to improving this situation."

By creating a united front of community-based organizations, "Together in Community" seeks to amplify the voices of the Hispanic-Latino community, ensuring their unique needs are represented and addressed within public health.

“Together in Community” partnerships include:

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Together in Community

To learn more about "Together in Community," explore our mission to enhance health equity in the Hispanic-Latino communities. Discover our projects, partnerships, and how you can contribute to this vital cause. Visit Together in Community's website and join us in making a difference.

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