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Charitable giving budget

Giving Strategies

Maximize your impact with a charitable giving budget for 2023

6 Tips to help guide your giving when the market is tough, but community needs are high.

Endowment fund

Giving Strategies

What is an Endowment and How Does it Work?

Learn about the ins and outs of endowments in this comprehensive blog post. Discover what an endowment is, how it works, the different types of endowments, what it means to have an endowment, how endowments make money, the benefits of an endowment, and more. Get all your endowment questions answered.

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Professional Advisors

Celebrating the new Legacy IRA and a boost for QCDs

What you need to know about the Consolidated Appropriations Act passed into law late 2022 and how it impacts charitable giving opportunities.


Giving Strategies

Invest in impact built on trust

Trust building, like all important elements of good relationships, takes time. To help bridge the challenges of power dynamics that can get in the way, philanthropists should seek out trusted networks and local partners that can help them discover culture and place, and help inform opportunities to more deeply connect.

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