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Yakima Valley Trends: Trending Towards a Greater Yakima

With over 140 community indicators Yakima Valley Trends is a great source of information in the Yakima County. Click here to learn more about Yakima Valley Trends and the role it plays in your community.

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How to Open a Donor-Advised Fund

Looking to give back? Thinking of opening a Donor-Advised Fund? Click here to learn how to create a Donor-Advised Fund in just 2 easy steps!

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YVCF's 2021 Financial Snapshot

View the 2021 financial snapshot and see the impact of your donations.

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Giving Strategies

Level up family philanthropy at any age with these books

Family finance conversations—be they about budgeting or philanthropy—can occur anytime, and the younger the better to build a knowledge base. Accordingly, we offer a list of books suitable for all age ranges, and we've included the published descriptions, a few reviews and online links to purchase online at Inklings. We hope you and your family will discover new reading material to feed the lifelong learning and giving process.

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