2023 Youth Leadership Council & Grant Round

Grant Amount and Duration

Up to $25,000 for one year

Important Dates

May 1, 2023

Online Application Form opens

Apply online here

May 22, 2023

Application Deadline

Early July

Award Calls to Community

Focus Areas


Temporary or permanent housing solutions, shelter staffing, equipment or supply needs, programming for clients, health care for persons experiencing homelessness, including mental or behavioral health, substance abuse, or chronic medical conditions, public awareness and education efforts related to homelessness

Educational Success

Exploring post-secondary education options for students and families; college/post-secondary application assistance (admission applications, financial aid, FAFSA, WASFA, scholarship opportunities), high school and college/post-secondary graduation support (mentoring, engagement, or other coaching or support opportunities for persistence and graduation), public awareness and education efforts related to educational success.

Supporting Immigrant/Migrant/Refugee Communities

legal resources, cultural preservation and celebration, educational opportunities (for example- citizenship, language, or workplace rights and safety), public awareness and education efforts related to immigrant/migrant/refugee populations in Central WA;

Health Equity

Women's health resources, food security and/or nutrition services, mental and/or behavioral health services, public awareness and education efforts related to women’s health, food security and/or nutrition services, and mental and/or behavioral health

Apply Online

What: Please provide a summary of your project, and proposed use of grant funds. (200-250 words)

Who: Who will benefit from receiving funding? (200-250 words)

Board of Directors: Does your organization's Board of Directors reflect the community this project serves?

· If yes, how do you know your organization's BOD reflects the community this project serves? (200-250 words)

· If no, what steps are you taking to change that? (200-250 words)

Feedback: How do you collect feedback from the people you are serving? (200-250 words)

Feedback: What do you do with the feedback you receive? (200-250 words)

Love: How does your organization show love and appreciation for the communities in the Yakima Valley? (500 words)


Please attach a budget with sufficient detail to understand your project.

(We are only requesting information on the proposed grant activity. Please do not attach the full budget for your organization.)

Required File Attachments*

  1. Project Budget
  2. Board of Directors Roster: please include name, title, and board role. (Optional: ethnicity/race, gender)
  3. Your organization's most recently audited financial statement or last quarter of 2022 financial statement.
  4. W-9

Apply online here.


Amber Ortiz-Diaz, Program Officer

Lindsay Boswell, Director of Grants and Programs