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YVCF's 2021 Financial Snapshot

View the 2021 financial snapshot and see the impact of your donations.

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Giving Strategies

Level up family philanthropy at any age with these books

Family finance conversations—be they about budgeting or philanthropy—can occur anytime, and the younger the better to build a knowledge base. Accordingly, we offer a list of books suitable for all age ranges, and we've included the published descriptions, a few reviews and online links to purchase online at Inklings. We hope you and your family will discover new reading material to feed the lifelong learning and giving process.

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Grants, Programs and Nonprofit Highlights

Achieving Dreams Through Act Six

Act Six has helped well over 100 students achieve college success in the Yakima Valley. Learn more about the program and the students that have been impacted.


Giving Strategies

Fund Types at YVCF

Unsure what fund is best for you? Here's a handy guide to help navigate your best philanthropic tool at YVCF.

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